"In the sight of angels I will sing your praises, Lord."  (Psalm 138)


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Dear Friends and Families of Guardian Angels Parish,

Along with your parish staff, I wish you all and your families and friends a very Merry Christmas! Among the many gifts we will all receive is of course the “pearl of great price,” Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We celebrate with wonder and amazement that God visits us and sends us His Son into our human history. It is fundamental to our faith for us to believe that God acts in our human history. Often we miss this because we are trying to control our own history and destiny, leaving no room for God’s love and plan to guide our lives. We also miss the divine and holy presence of God because we are moving at a very different pace than God. Ours is an impatient culture. God is always gentle, slow, and kind.

The proof of this is in Christmas. Instead of bursting into our world as God, He sends His Son as an infant.

Mary gives herself entirely over to God’s plan in an obedience of faith. She does not do this under duress or force. It is the freely given suspension of her intellect and will and submission to God. In doing this, she becomes the first Christian. She encounters Her Son for the first time, and she accepts Him with pure love. This is what each of us are to do this Christmas. The angels invite us to accept Christ in our lives and let Christ rule our lives and act in and through us.

Guardian Angels parish is being given many such invitations right now in its history. This is God acting among us. In January your leadership will have us begin a 1% Sunday offering to partner with the Mead Rotary Nicaragua Water Project. And because we have answered God’s call, God is challenging us again! I am so grateful for this. With the direction and exploration of Nick and Karen Sekich and Dale and Karen Rademacher I am being put in touch with the pastor of Christ the King Parish in Telpaneca in Estado de Madriz, Nicaragua, to consider becoming sister parishes. This is one of my most important goals for the beginning of the new year. Please join me in prayer as we consider how to best bring to life a new chapter in our history as we join the international mission work of our Church. But more than that, we are in for a real surprise we ourselves receive blessings in return. I do not know where the conversation will go, but we will together pray about these things and see what God would have us to do.

Please remember that the name of my religious order is Missionaries of the Precious Blood, and I would not be faithful to my commitment if I did not bring this up to the parish.

The first reading this Sunday is particularly meant for us. David plans to build a temple for God, thinking that God will dwell there. The prophet Nathan initially gives his approval. But that night in a dream, he hears otherwise from God. The line “Should you build me a house to dwell in?” is dripping with divine sarcasm. God goes on then in a full dozen sentences, each beginning with “I” (this is God speaking) all the blessings God will give to David that David himself on his own could never have achieved. The house that God promises to David in this famous passage is built of relationships of family and of faith. David’s dynasty is to last forever, because his final heir is none other than Christ himself.

So, we, too, must build only on faith and family. It is also FOR faith and family. Because we want our children to know Christ and God’s love for them. I don’t mean the Jansenistic church of the 19th century way too may of us were wounded by and are carrying our in a hearts and minds. We need to dump all that weird baggage. It’s holding way too many people back. Please leave all that outside the door. We need to mature in Christ and grow to that full stature of the human person that God has planned for us. Yes, we are considering a house of God to gather for worship, to join in community, to focus our growing outreach to the world.

God bless your family and your home, that there too you will find a dwelling place for God. God bless your Christmas lights in and out of your homes, that the light of Christ will shine his truth into the darkness of our world. Bless your Christmas table with bounty and carefully look to the poor that they might have their share. Your contributions to the Mead Food Bank were exceptional this year, again! Bless the good work you do for the parish and the whole community. Merry and blessed Christmas!

Gratefully yours,
Fr Alan Hartway, CPPS


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