"In the sight of angels I will sing your praises, Lord."  (Psalm 138)


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Dear Friends and Families of Guardian Angels Parish,

Thank you for taking home the prayer cards with the devotion to Our Lady Who Unties Knots, and for saying that prayer daily with your families. Any feedback or family experiences you wish to share, please do so. God will answer our prayers for the release of many things in our lives so that we can grow to that full stature in Christ that God dreams for each of us.

Jesus very simply and directly announces the reign of God. This is so different in my experience from reading the newspaper or watching television when I am left to wonder how to interpret that event and what it may mean for my own life. It’s even more gnarly when it comes to reading the fine print of an insurance contract or a legal brief. The language is so technical, it takes some professional to do it for us. Jesus is not that way. He speaks directly. Could it get more simple?

We’re the ones who make it complicated. Or are we just arguing our way out of something? Religion is not country kitchen buffet where I can pick and choose. In most restaurants, what the chef is cooking and how is the way it is presented at your table. Nowadays, I notice that we go out to eat, and we completely alter the chef’s dish to our own way of eating. I don’t think that this is how it works with God.

Jesus calls the first apostles. They don’t immediately begin to tinker with and adjust his preaching to themselves. They immediately follow him. He calls them not noting at all the size of their catch of fish, but rather because he sees them repairing their nets. For burly fishermen, this is delicate and careful work. That they could do this led to Jesus calling them.

The nets of love or bond of charity that hold us together requires the constant care of the whole community that these nets be mended constantly. In all the entanglements of life and knots in our guts, we need to carefully mend our nets. The sacraments, especially reconciliation and Eucharist help us by the grace of God in our work.

Our parish has this mission. It is also the work of hospitality to spread and cast these nets even wider. The result is as you can see a growing and a vibrant parish. Sometimes we can get the attitude of Jonah and complain that it is too much or that it won’t work or that we’ve never done it this way before. Of course, if that is the starting point of what we say to ourselves and others, then obviously nothing will happen. But against a few obstacles, people here are saying, “Yes, we can do this!” And we always do it, and do it right and big. This is our own coming into full discipleship.

We are simply giving witness to the presence and power of the reign of God here among us. Let god do the rest of the work by grace and it will all come to completion. As we’ve done with hospitality, so too it will be when it comes to building our new church and facilities. We’re not doing it for ourselves, but so that the people of God can gather for all the work we are called to do. I am of course including the great work of prayer and liturgy in our work.

Blessings of the parish this week are many. I’m always encouraged when I meet with the youth groups and Sheryl on Sunday nights. We have some amazing youth in our parish thanks to your good parenting. The process and shared wisdom of the Design Committee is drilling down deep into the hard question; they’re doing such a good and thorough job. The finance council’s leadership is keeping us financially secure and sound is much appreciated. I really like the work picked up by the Women’s Group and the K of C. Thank you, men and women for your love for your parish.

You see in all these things are more that God is watching us keep well mended nets, and so God will call us to an even deeper discipleship in Christ. God bless us in this work.

Gratefully yours,
Fr Alan Hartway, CPPS


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