"In the sight of angels I will sing your praises, Lord."  (Psalm 138)


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Dear Friends and Families of Guardian Angels Parish,

I really appreciate everyone’s patience here lately with the sidewalk construction. Thank you for your calm patience. The parish is very grateful to Dan Dean, Town of Mead manager, and Ken Clifford, town engineer, who ensured that the sidewalk was done so beautifully and straight. It says in the Bible, “Make straight His paths.” The rest of the sidewalk down to Adams swerves, but not in front of our property. The Town has been helpful and cooperative. I look forward to working with the Town of Mead and Weld County when it comes to all the permits for the new construction. The following other things are happening this weekend:

The following other things are happening this weekend:

  • The Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal pledges will be filled out in the pews if you’ve not done so from home. A brief video will enable Archbishop Aquila to address us directly.
  • The Archdiocesan Parish Resources and Needs Survey will be completed. Staff and leadership councils have been completing the larger portion of this survey. The outcome will provide a snapshot of the parish in the context of the diocese to assess what we do well and need to do better.
  • There is a second nation-wide collection for Catholic Communications.
  • Immediately after the 9:00 and 10:30 Masses there is a reception for our newly confirmed last Monday. Please support our youth; God blesses us with great kids!
  • The Capital Campaign Committee led by Denise and Louis Bustamante will be meeting today at 1:00 in the Parish Hall; Jenny Weiss of CCS with begin guiding them through the campaign process. This is the top priority administratively in the parish for the next three month.

Jesus shows himself as the Good Shepherd. The gospel is about his style of leadership and authority with the flock. We are so blessed with leadership in this parish that loves their Church and has such faith. This is another way God is good to us. I am so happy as pastor to work with these women and men. I appreciate the sacrifices and commitment they make when they step forward to work and serve.

There’s a new thought in Jesus’ words. He says, “I have other sheep that do not belong to this fold . . . and there will be one flock.” Who is Jesus talking about? He’s talking all the people who are not here yet. He loves them, and so should we. And more than that, they’ll get here not because of me, but because of your charity and hospitality and kindness. We’ll never become one flock, one human family if we just keep on fighting with one another.

In the first reading from the Acts, Peter speaks of the cornerstone. With our capital campaign beginning I can begin to imagine that cornerstone for our new parish church. But it’s not what you think! The cornerstone of this parish is the divine and holy presence of our Lord Jesus Christ. With his grace, we will be able to spread our wings and build his Church. God bless us and pray for us.

Gratefully yours,
Fr Alan Hartway, CPPS


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