"In the sight of angels I will sing your praises, Lord."  (Psalm 138)


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Dear Friends and Families of Guardian Angels Parish,

The parish is very grateful to Jim Hejlik of the Knight of Columbus for the leadership and management of the new closet storage places in the Parish Hall. The Knights of Columbus workers on this project include Tom Stimmler, Red Hidden, Mark Drouhard, Randy Wilson, Pat Boaz, Frank Grout, and Ron Stevens. Also a special credit of thanks goes to Mike Hipscher. This team of men brought the project way under the budgeted amount; they are very fine stewards of our resources and very generous in their service. Our Hall will not have less clutter laying around. I have portioned out the closet spaces to the necessary groups.

Our Parish Hall was used an incredible amount of time this past year, often including double bookings of a very small space, so that we were hosting many, many groups and events. This was deliberate in order to drive home the point of just how much we could use the Parish Hall if we had new, more, and better space in a new church facility. One of the keys to Guardian Angels’ future viability is our hospitality and engagement with the whole community of Mead.

The Design Committee is very excited about this coming Monday evening, as our work progresses, the architects will be presenting “verticals” for the first time. These are example of what our parish church might look like; it will be tweaked and changed by the Design Committee before brought to the whole parish. To keep up to date with the Design Committee work, please visit their website at www.road13.com/gadc. We are in phase #1 of the work. In this phase the Design Committee’s task is to complete five items: 1) architectural drawings, 2) general contractor’s pricing, 3) completing a capital campaign feasibility study, 4) preparing a six phase time line, 5) current parish financials. This phase will be complete before Christmas.

The feast this Sunday is entitled, “The Exaltation of the Cross.” This is one of the key symbols of our faith we use every day. Here on the Cross is where Jesus died for us to take away our sins. Jesus forces us with Him to face death itself which we brought into the world. To see death for what it really is, and not what our culture of death has made of it. Death for the Christian believer is a step into the resurrection. Understanding this requires our deepest faith in Jesus and trust in the Father who made us.

The cross is not the end of the story for us; death is not the last thing that happens. Our faith story leads us to the resurrection of the dead and life eternal. A vision of the heavenly communion we will have with God and all the angels and saints urges the Christian disciples on in life.

On September 14 in AD 326, St. Helena, the mother of the emperor Constantine I the Great, led the dedication of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem in which she placed a large relic of the holy cross, according to the stories of the time. In any event, a devotion to the cross grew rapidly throughout Christianity.

Catholics continue an ancient tradition of portraying the cross with the body of Jesus. We are following the biblical text of the first reading. Already we see in the book of Numbers, that although God had forbidden graven images, God allows the image of the seraph serpent to heal the people in the desert. God allows images to serve to point us to God. Images are never in themselves to be worshiped. We may have respect or regard for certain pieces of art, but they ever receive adoration. These works of art always serve to help us keep our eyes fixed on the divine world and on Jesus. The Catechism of the Catholic Church explains this very well in #2130.

We sign our selves when praying with the cross, and we bless our children with a cross. The sign of the cross is a powerful act of witness and evangelization when eating our before meals in a restaurant. We sign objects with the cross, claiming material things for holy use and claiming things and ourselves for Jesus.

May the Lord Jesus bless us here and all our families with faithfulness to the gospel and a hope in the resurrection from the dead.


Gratefully yours,
Fr Alan Hartway, CPPS


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